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Weicker predicts catastrophe for GOP in November

Former Connecticut Republican U.S. Senator and Independent Governor Lowell Weicker is

CT high court rules UConn wrongly fired employee for getting high at work

The state's high court has unanimously decided the University of Connecticut was not

State Democrats in the crosshairs

FBI agents interviewed former top officials in the state Democratic party, including two

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Forum: The state income tax at 25: Grand promise broken, state fiscal woes come full circle

A quarter-century has passed since that hot August day in 1991, when some lawmakers sold

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus bullish on submarines' role in future

Southeastern Connecticut’s role as a major defense force was highlighted this week, but there

Grover Norquist: The Damage CT's Income Tax Has Done

Twenty-five years ago, Gov. Lowell P. Weicker Jr. and the Connecticut legislature imposed a

Taxes too high, NL police too few

As a New London taxpayer for over 50 years, I am not happy about the most recent tax increase.

Our View: Ill-used borrowing instrument perpetuates problems

Connecticut’s bad habit of borrowing to keep the lights on is catching up with it: A new

Our View: Malloy's DNC speech drew clear parallel

It was interesting to hear Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, addressing the Democratic National

Cost to study mileage tax is a waste

As a legislator and small business owner I was angry to learn that Gov. Dannel P. Malloy